Product Information

The Taalkor program consists of:

• 5 Cd’s
• A reference manual
• A test manual

Everything you hear on your CD is also in your manual. It is only necessary to use the manual if you want to learn how to read and write the language - that’s why our course is called hands free. Use it at your convenience, for example when you drive to work, when jogging etc. You only need to listen to your CD’s to learn to speak a language.

Hands free course – You can take your lesson with you while driving, jogging etc

Each lesson includes:

• Vocabulary
• Dialogue
• Three languages in one (Afrikaans, English and language to be learned)
With each lesson you first learn your vocabulary with the correct pronunciation and accent. Then you learn to use those words in sentences with the correct rate of speech.

Learn with the correct pronunciation, accent and rate of speech

The audio layout of the course:

• Afrikaans (optional)
• English
• Language to be learned, male voice
• Space for repetition by learner
• Language to be learned, female voice
• Space for repetition by learner

On your Cd you will hear the words/sentences first in Afrikaans (optional), then in English and then in the language your learning – first in a man’s voice and then in a woman’s voice. In between there is a space for you to repeat the word/sentence you are learning. One of the secrets of learning a new language is that you must practice what you have learned. If you are prepared to put time into listening to your cd’s and use every opportunity to practice what you have learned you will be fluent within 6 months.

After completion of a lesson you have an option to test yourself with the test manual.
After completion of your course you will be able to converse like we’re doing right now.

With Taalkor LEARNING means:

L  - Listen to your cd’s
E  - Everyday for 15 minutes
A - Always speak what you remember
R - Repetition
N - No nonsense learning with
     Noticeable progress

Remember Taalkor’s success is based on:

• Mother tongue method used. Conversation rather than grammar
• Reinforcing words through repetition in sentences
• Correct pronunciation and accentuation
• Correct rate of speech
• Speak from day one
• Hands free course. Use at your convenience / Use whenever convenience
• Listening 15 minutes daily

Mother tongue method Spoken language